Takada Seed is one of the oldest family owned seed company in Osaka Japan of which history goes back to 1868. Our main activities are distributing vegetable seeds to production areas in Japan and export to more than 30countries. We have bunch of varieties suitable for fresh vegetable growers, processing industry and also hobby/amateur gardeners. Especially, onion is our own breeding for more than 50years and we have been in good reputation in many production areas. Besides that, we are dealing with fresh bean business, multiplying, grading, packing, and distributing to supermarket chains, whole sellers, food processing companies and etc. Black Soybean is special product for us and one of our processed product “Tamba Kuro Budou Mame” earned “Gold Award” at “Monde Selection” world food competition in Brussels, Belgium.

Our aim is to provide high quality products and high quality service to all customers. This principle has been taken over last 145years and we will keep the faith to next generations.